One of the major problems that independent ad managers and PPCs, as well as small businesses who run their own ads is creating and finding high-quality ads.

This problem exists because, sadly, far far too many designers and artists think that creating ads is beneath them. So there is a distinct dearth of design talent focusing on ads. (Big design shops can afford to pay fancy designers gazillions of dollars to do anything, but then of course you need to be McDonald’s with a gazillion dollar ad budget to take advantage of that!)

There are lots of tools that try to solve it, making it very easy to create ads. But all of those assume a basic sense of style and design: so you know what looks good together or not. Or if not, to use generic templates that look like, well, generic templates.

To solve that problem, with excitement, we’re honored to announce the launch of Handcrafted Ads.

Here’s what we’ve done. We’ve created a small team of designers and software nerds who both come from the ad world–so we’re used to working in this space and quite frankly we enjoy it–and also who have built a tricks up our sleeve to help automate.

The Handrafted Ads approach is to combine: talented designers (who live in affordable countries so they don’t need to charge a million dollars per millisecond) and mix what they do with home-grown tools to help automate and simplify the process — and to combine all of that with the sheer obsession with the online ad industry, understanding every nuance of it (okay, many nuances) — and voilà! There you go, we have Handcrafted Ads.

We’re not in beta testing out our service, so give it a go.

And we’re friendly. Any questions or if you just want to meet us and get to know us, give us a call or email.